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Recognising art as the purest and most universal means of dialogue between people and their environment, TOPO is a shoo-in for the Poolroom…

 This Madrid-raised legend found inspiration on the streets, surrounded by graff writers and urban artists, explaining:

 In love with the pleasure of not knowing, and reflection on the why?’ of things, I found the best way to share my enthusiasm for life and its eternal questions in the artistic expressions of the streets…”

 His intention then was to break the monotony of the streetsour grey, colourless society, selling us freedom, but caught in conditions – by sowing small seeds of joy in every corner of the world. Now, TOPO has brought his philosophy to ROXXI’s, unleashing the power of his creativity straight to the Poolroom, like a Samurai sword letter opener…’

 And while TOPO’s work spans multiple disciplines, from paste-ups to tatts, textiles to gallery walls, the ethos remains the same:

 Being aware of oneself is the path to freedom and a fulfilling life, so all my work aims for the same thing: the use of free thinking and individual will to see reality in a favourable, positive way, with inherent meaning, and as part of a whole thing.

 If that’s not a mantra that should go straight to the Poolroom, you can tell me I’m dreamin’…


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