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The ROXXTIX crew have a 25 year-long track record of delivering impactful initiatives in the community.


As well as financially supporting grassroot activism, founder Colette has spent over a quarter of a century working on the frontline in community and health development, so she’s well equipped to vet what charities can do with ROXXTIX support. 



In saying that, as the host of your own show, you can choose the registered charity or grassroots movement you'd prefer to support. 



Plus, let’s not forget by choosing ROXXTIX you're also supporting alternative culture. Roxxi & Sioux employs tattooists, barbers, sculpture artists, performance artist, artist-artist, musicians, DJs, VJs, graphic designers, merch-makers, jewellery and fashion designers and then some.  Let’s not allow our Gertrude Street corner to be outed by yet another 7/11 NON-convenience store! 



Colette and her partner Chris have what feels like a life time worth of experience in event management too. Since the 90s, they’ve been an integral part of Melbourne’s electronic party arena and have pioneer in Australia’s small but fierce sound-system culture. Over two decades they’ve put on benefit gigs, intimate parties to large scale events and everything in between. 

They’re across what both punters and promoters want. 



Colette: “This may just be one of my most ambitious ideas yet, but I reckon it’s time. I get that event hosts are done with feeling like they’re losing customers and hard-earned dollars to commercial ticketing booking fees. 

 I’m always ready to disrupt a greedy system - You in?”





BOOKING FEE $3 per ticket


DONATION to charity or benefit $1 






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