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Taking care of your fresh tattoo is king! This is why we strongly recommended using second skin as your tattoo aftercare to prevent scarring and infections.

How does a second skin work?

The second skin we use is a hypoallergenic, transparent, waterproof adhesive bandage that works by creating a barrier over your freshly tattooed skin. This helps to keep your fresh tattoo clean and protected from bacteria, moisture, and other free-radicals floating in the air.

Second skins aren't designed to treat infection so think of this extremely thin bandage as a preventative measure. One big bonus is that a second skin bandage is breathable. This is super important because your skin needs to receive airflow so it can be sweat-free and heal. The feel of the bandage should be comfortable and unnoticeable most of the time.

How to deal if the second skin is coming off early!?

No need to worry if your second skin is peeling off early - jump in the shower and warm water (never hot water straight after being tattooed) will relax and soften the adhesive, allowing you to remove it with ease. Please make sure you clean your skin well (no scrubbing) and remove all the residue from the skin before patting dry and covering. Your reapplied patch should allow a 1-inch border around the applied area and you only need to use light pressure to apply while making movements from the centre outward.

How long do I keep my second skin on for?

Please note that different second skin brands vary so the instructions you receive from your tattooist may vary too. Roxxi Poolroom recommends it stays put for a minimum of 1-2 days, and a maximum of 7 days. It's not advised to keep your bandage applied for 7 days. As mentioned, when removing the bandage best to do it in the shower while washing your fresh tattoo with warm water. Be gentle as you remove all fluids and blood under the warm running water. Pat your tattoo dry as well as allowing it to air dry. Your skin may feel a little tight, that's normal. At this stage it's crucial to allow your tattoo to breathe and continue healing.

Make sure that your hands are clean and sanitised before applying a small and very thin layer of tattoo aftercare to your tattoo. Once you have removed any second skin completely, continue to use your chosen tattoo aftercare balm/cream until your tattoo is fully healed. This usually takes up to 12- 14 days.




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