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 $34 + FREE DELIVERY 40g of jammed packed goodness   Like Bonnie and Clyde, Bert and Ernie, and a...


40g of jammed packed goodness


Like Bonnie and Clyde, Bert and Ernie, and a cold tinny on a hot day, some things are meant to go together.

Which is why Sass + Co. has teamed up with our tattoo legends Sleavin’ Segal and Rob Ting. It takes a legend to know a legend, right?

After getting a fresh tatty apply a thin layer and this awesome balm will immediately protect and aid to heal it. It soaks and absorbs into the skin like no other, leaving no sticky residue and it will also create vibrancy to fully healed tattoos, if that’s your thing. 

Results AND backed by the tattoo industry!

Our Tattoo Aftercare Balm is made from a blend of calendula and passion flower extract, tea-tree and eucalyptus leaf oil, shea and cocoa butter. Thanks to its powerful healing properties it also provides comfort and relief from chronic skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, as well as soothing discomfort from rashes, insect bites, sunburn and other skin irritations.

Calendula has been used through the ages as a healing remedy. Tea-tree and eucalyptus essential oils provide antibacterial properties, while calming passion flower treats inflammation and is especially gentle when your skin feels sensitive, as it does after being tattooed. Shea and cocoa butters are soothing and offer nourishment and hydration.

All Sass + Co products are manufactured in a trusted Melbourne skincare facility, are 100% vegan and are never tested on animals! Sass + Co. Body uses botanical ingredients that are sourced ethically and harvested without damaging habitat. This product speaks volumes, like every Sass product. Plus, we're proud to be using aluminium tins that are 100% recyclable while keeping your Tattoo Aftercare Balm fresh AF.

This one is exclusive to Roxxi’s Poolroom, so if you’re a poolroom fanatic - get it, eh :) 

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