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Australia's newest ticketing agency, ROXXTIX, aims to break the status quo – supporting culture and community, one ticket at a time. 

Live music, raves, sound-system culture, stand-up comedy, burlesque, theatre, underground electronica, sound baths, foodie events, festivals and more, ROXXTIX is designed to represent it all while paying it back, fair and square. 



The ROXXTIX headquarters is bang in the heart of Melbourne’s freshest tattooshop, ROXXI’S POOLROOM, giving this ticketing outlet old-school ticketing feels. 



Hosted on a site that’s easy to navigate, with a simple payment system and ‘real’ customer service and support, ROXXTIX is founded on honesty, integrity, peace of mind – and the knowledge that a portion of profits is paid back to those who need it most. 



We believe it’s time to carve up the corporate man in the middle!  ROXXTIX is proudly of community and for community, with $1 of every booking fee paid back.  ROXXTIX will donate $1 of every booking fee to those who are making a difference.


Grassroots environmental activism; Indigenous health; projects raising the age and keeping Indigenous kids in community; rural suicide awareness; land rights; music and school equipment; positive health initiatives for our LGBTIA+SB community  – the list will always be long, but it is expertly curated and vetted. Plus, you can choose where the pay-back goes.  Read more here... 








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