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Before she took her machines on the road – from New York, to Atlanta, Oakland to Ecuador and now, Melbourne – Anna started out in 2010 on the corner of U Street and Vermont Ave in Washington DC, apprentice under tattoo legend Chris Mensah at Pinz N Needlez, learning to lay sick ink from the master.

Now, our trilingual (en/fr/es) tattooist, industrial designer, violinist and spray-painter has landed at Roxxi’s Poolroom, an absolute worthy sparring partner to have joined the crew.

Thanks to her apprenticeship in a Black-owned and operated business in a predominantly African American city, Anna is an expert at tattooing across skin types, tones & textures.  She believes in clean and ethical tattooing: 

“I learnt to tattoo praying hands, dice, cards, bible verses and Cherry Creek flash in street shops in DC and Oakland. And I learned to tattoo those things FAST.  I still love these designs and now I’ve added my own flair” 

Anna is also a rope access technician who happily hangs from buildings to get shit done. And, being amongst the world of construction, she’s ready to set your tatpointments on RDOs and Saturdays. 


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