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Dermal Piercings! Let's chat about them. Known as micro dermal piercings, skin diver, or "Dermals" are piercings that lie flat against the surface of the skin. The completely flat effect occurs because dermal piercings don't have a separate entry and exit point: instead, a dermal anchor is installed directly under the skin or in the dermis, as we know is the second layer of the skin.

Essentially, the procedure goes like this:

Dermal Piercings - Joey Tells Us Stuff | Roxxi's Poolroom - Fitzroy Tattoo Studio

Body piercers who are trained to do dermal piercings use a small biopsy punch to create an 'opening' in the chosen body placement.

From there, your jewellery of choice (note: we only use titanium for dermal piercings) is fixed to a dermal anchor or "foot" as it's also known and inserted in the second layer of skin (dermis). The jewellery then sits flat against the skin and your chosen jewellery will appear as if it's sitting flush with your top layer of skin (epidermis).

You can then see your new body art sitting flush and looking amazing!


This process of a dermal piercing is super quick and as you have just read is performed rather differently to standard body piercing.

A dermal piercing can take up to six month to fully heal to the point where you can change the jewellery. There will be bruising on the outer layer of the skin throughout the healing period and giving you the heads up: bleeding proceeding a dermal peering is also completely normal.


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