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<< ALMOST READY TO DROP>> Ya can’t have a Poolroom without a trophy, right? Well, ou...


Ya can’t have a Poolroom without a trophy, right? Well, our brand-new ROXXI POOLROOM X SASS + CO. AFTERCARE BALM is the jewel in the crown of Roxxi’s Poolroom. 

 Leading vegan skincare developers Sass + Co. Body worked in collaboration with tattoo legends Sleevin Segal and Rob Ting to make sure our chosen tattoo aftercare not only WORKS but uses botanical ingredients that are sourced ethically and harvested without damaging habitat.

 Our Tattoo Aftercare is made from a blend of shea and cocoa butter, calendula and passionfruit flower extract, tea-tree and eucalyptus leaf oil. Calendula has been used through the ages as a healing balm. Tea tree and eucalyptus provide antibacterial properties, while calming passionfruit flower extract is anti-inflammatory and gentle on sensitive skin. The rest is all about hydration. 

Made in a trusted skincare manufacturing facility in Naarm and backed by the tattoo industry, our formula is not only rad AF, it protects and heals the moment it's applied and it soaks into the skin without any sticky residue.

A highly absorbent moisturising balm that actually works!

Thanks to its powerful healing properties it can also provide comfort and relief from chronic skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, as well as soothing discomfort from rashes, insect bites, sunburn and other skin irritations.   

Not only that, it's Australian made, gender neutral, vegan friendly and cruelty free… 

Straight to the Poolroom with you!

 $24 + $10 postage 

DIRECTIONS: Use a very thin layer directly onto your tattoo as often as needed and until your tattoo is fully healed.




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